We are a family, bonded by the commitment of values and our very vocation.

We are local, but more important, we are community people, involved and committed; Tenterfield is our home, and the Tenterfield and District is our patch. We are a family, not always related by birth but by a common bond, by a commitment of values, and by our very vocation. To us, it is personal. It is not simply a matter of pride; it is more a matter of honour and purpose. To us, it cannot be any more personal.

Tenterfield Family Funerals was established in 2015, with Glen and Lisa Curry and Troy and Robyn Hillier’s belief that Tenterfield should be offered alternatives in their time of need – the passing of a loved one. The two families have long discussed the desire to offer Tenterfield and district another option, one where dignity and respect are always at the forefront and backed up by a can do attitude and the desire to exceed our client’s expectations, whilst guiding them through the “Celebration of the Life” of their loved one.

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